SkipTo Module for Drupal

The Skip To Main Content link provided by many Drupal Themes is a wonderful tool - not only for non-sighted users, but for sighted as well. It's a great way to move the focus through any potential cruft in a menu bar, navigation bar, potential advertisements, etc...

A colleague at PayPal, Victor Tsaran came up with an idea to make the Skip To experience even better. Instead of providing merely a link to the main content, he proposed that we provide links to all headings and other interesting points of a page, and thus was born the SkitTo Module. You can see it in PayPal's GitHub page and as soon as it's approved, the module will be able through the Drupal SkipTo Project page.

The nice thing about this approach is that while we've set it up with sensible defaults, you the developer can determine:

  • which  level of headings to aggregate
  • which landmarks to aggregate
  • whether the menu focus "wraps" (when you hit the last item, do you go to the first? Or out of the menu onto the page)
  • and which access key you want to set to trigger the menu

We've put a lot of thinking and work into this module, but the most exciting part is that it's completely open source. We would love for you to help us make it better. Clone the repo, make improvements, and submit a pull request. Our new approach embraces open source, and nothing would make us happier than to work with you to make the best user experience possible.



Must Have Drupal 7 Modules

We got a lot of traffic on our last blog post talking about Must Have Drupal Modules, but that was dealing with Drupal 6. Many amazing changes have happened between Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, and a lot of the previous Must Have modules were integrated into Drupal's core! So, here is the  new list of Must Have Drupal 7 modules:

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